Friday, March 27, 2009

[S.LOVES] Pose Update - It's Your INSTINCT!!

I present to you my latest set of poses, as well as some updates, and of course, freebies!!!

The following set is called INSTINCT, a set of sexy poses for your photographic needs; just throw some lingerie on and some killer heels and you're ready to go!

TP to [S.LOVES] & Pose-ology

[S.LOVES] Instinct pose 1

[S.LOVES] Instinct pose 2

[S.LOVES] Instinct pose 3
This pose has been marked down to only $1L until Monday, so grab it while you can!!!

[S.LOVES] Instinct pose 4

[S.LOVES] Instinct pose 5

FATPACK avaliable!!!
ALL 5 poses for only $175L, that's $35L a pose instead of $50L for individual ones.

BBF poster for momo

This pose was an opening gift for Sadistic Hacker, you can get it at my store free now, it's a great couple pose for good friends!

Takeshi has also branched out, his brand "Pose-ology" has set out into my store too, there is a single male pose gift, so come grab that as well!

Free Pose from Takeshi

Hot male poses!!
I can look at this ALL day... *drools*

TP to [S.LOVES] & Pose-ology

Monday, March 23, 2009


I am infected with the plague!!!
Apparently the bandwidth exceeded and I have had to change the template. What do you think about this one? I think I like it better...

Now you can leave comments after each if I don't talk eough as it is!!! ;p

Friday, March 20, 2009

RFL Save Lives

My internet is particularly laggy approaching weekends...however I have managed to get some things I like at is 2 dresses today!

First, a little bit about Relay For Life:

Much more than a walk around a track, Relay is a time to celebrate those who have battled cancer, remember those lost and get inspired to fight back. Those who have shared the same experience find common ground, hope and healing at Relay. By participating, you have the power to continue the American Cancer Society's progress toward a future where cancer doesn't take the lives of our friends and family.

SL is contributing to RFL too, in the form of a clothing fair. This year's event is bigger than ever, covering 9 sims!!!

The event will run through to July so plenty of time to get some good stuff, here's what I got on the first round of visit ;p :

Mashooka Design - Spring Love
Dress by Mashooka Designs: "Spring Love" for RFL

I have known Aradhana, the creator of Mashooka Designs for quite some time now; and I have to say she is very passionsate about her creations, she work tirelessly for new designs and always amaze me with the detail of the clothing and accessories, the last time I blogged about Aradhana's clothes were in about the Indian Princess Gharara. I had much fun promoting her work and always happy to see her so enthusiastic and proud of her own creations.

To me, Mashooka Designs possess the most authentic Asian wear you find across the grid, if authenicity is what you're looking for, look no further than Mashooka Designs.

Lemania Indigo Hydranga dress
1 of the 12 dresses designed by Lemania Indigo for RFL, "Hydranga Dress"

Lemania just keep dishing these gowns out like nobody's business!!
A total of 12 gowns up for RFL, you must go and see if anything tickle your fancy. This particular gown is my favorite, I love the intense blue color of it and how elegant it looks!

Please visit the sims and make donations to the vendors! There is a minimum amount to pay in order to get the goods ;p

To read more about the event and updates, go to:

Monday, March 16, 2009

[S.LOVES] Pose Update - NEW Location!!!

I am the latest one joining thw shops at Crush Row! I remember when Creamy first introduced us to there I really really liked that place; I am so happy to be a part of it. I have posted a couple of teasers prior to this one, and with a new addition as well:

Pose name S copy

[S.LOVES] Pose Name: "S"

Smokin' sexy pose, simply called "S"; the sculptie "S" is optional of course and you can use the pose without it.

Styling Tips:
1. Fishnet Stocking from SHi Sexy Fashion Shop, $0L
2. Shoes: AW Designs - CourtX in Lipstick Red, $415L

The Outside...We're right next to League (yay!)

The Inside (so far)...

I am preparing a couple of new poses including some gifts~~~so watch this space for them!!

Visit Crush Row with a click of a button!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

[Day Out With A Friend] - With Sequoia Nighfire

I belong to the exclusive GCE group, you can call it a secret society with a handful of girls that share the same passion. We go NUTS telling each other where to get the BEST stuff and of ourse, group is by invitation only.

We are having a "bonding" month where our names will be paired with another in the group! I am paired with Sequoia, and our time to get together is already long is what we did:

[Day Out With A Friend] - With Sequoia Nightfire
First, we met up at Seq's house, huge house!! Where she show off her furniture, made by herself of course..

[Day Out With A Friend] - With Sequoia Nightfire
Here we are sightseeing, where we stand and look otu to the sunset~~~

Styling Tips:
On Sequoia: Margareta from the 1930's section at Ivalde, $300L

On Suri:
Polina-Kaestner @ Cupcake: Sequin Collection-Tank dress, $50L BARGAIN!!! THIS DRESS SO LOVELY WHY HAVE I NOT FOUND IT BEFORE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

[Day Out With A Friend] - With Sequoia Nightfire

Sequoia shows me her latest creation, from her store, Aurora Borealis, this necklace and earring set is made for Neferia of Ivalde; if you look closer the cameo image is Nef herself!

Will be on sale very soon!

We received a notice from the GCE group about some boots, so we TP'd out to see, and we found Sway's Creation...

[Day Out With A Friend] - With Sequoia Nightfire
Suri Sings: *Hello...Is it me you're looking for??*

[Day Out With A Friend] - With Sequoia Nightfire
The Happy couple...

The bear is so cute! Can I take him home??

Afterwards I invited Sequoia home so we could talk some we are, relaxing on my bubble chairs!

You can get these Retrovision bubble chairs @ ARIA Interor Designs, $120L each, color changeable!!!

[Day Out With A Friend] - With Sequoia Nightfire

[Day Out With A Friend] - With Sequoia Nightfire

Just before we wrapped it up, Beulah, top model of Ivalde came to harrass us with a gun, look at the mess she made!!!

[Day Out With A Friend] - With Sequoia Nightfire

And now Sequoia is coming for me...uh oh...


Friday, March 13, 2009

[Day Out With A Friend] - Visiting Alf

This is the first instalment of me going round to have fun with some friends. This is really a random visit but we end up having lots of fun!

The way you look at me

Everybody, this is Alf, he boogied with me in the Seven Underground on Sunday.
Alf describes himself as "expensive like hell, but I love him" type of avi. As you see, he dresses proper and he has a big house with 2 amazingly well groomed dogs:

Lion and Balto
Lion & Balto

Alf shows me around his home:

the gym

Styling Tips:

On Alf: [MRM Factory] Leather Jacket *Black*, $380L

On Suri:
1. Jacket: Ce Cubic Effect - Short Leather Jackets For Women *Brown*, $380L
2. Top: Maitreya Sculpted Top & Belt *Firefly#2* (part of the dress), $375L
3. Little Fish Tight Jeans in Blue, $120L.
4. Neck Strap Camera **La Petite Fleur**, $100L, I have the pink one, the black one is avaliable too, better for boys!!!

Suri at Alf's house
I relax on Alf's sofa

I saw a ninja @ **La Petite Fleur**!!!

What i do in between blogging
This is what I do in between blogging - cuz it's so stressful hahaha

Styling Tip:
Hair: Gigi Couture - Cameilla hair in brown, $175L

Gorgeous! Other styles avaliable you must go check it out!

Alf watch me smoke
Alf lecturing me how bad it is to smoke, while I am smoking. See how stressful it is?!

Styling Tips:
1. Dress was a previous hunt gift, no longer avaliable
2. Shoes: Truth - Nomad boots, $ (I forgot).

Monday, March 9, 2009


More partying @ Seven Ultra Lounge!
Sunday was a free-pass day I have invited some of my friends to join me!

Amongst my favorites were pics with:

1. Alf (*fans herself*)
Rockin the Seven Lounge!

2. My nephew Chew
Rockin the Seven Lounge!

Later on I had a look at some of the lovely pics submitted to flikr groups I have joined and inspired me to make this:

Suri. Distinctively
(There's always 2 sides to a coin, right?)

Fun filled picture, showing 2 sides of me~~dorky and sexy! Which side do you prefer??

Styling tips:

Dorky Suri:
1. Dress: Anuenue - KeyDress (lucky board prize, changes every 10 mins)
2. Hair by DejaVu, $150L (OMG OMG FINALLY!!!)
3. Geeky glasses: previous gift from RC Cluster (the most fun store ever!)
3. Ballerina Flats with socks by So Many Styles, $150L

Sexy Suri:
1. Top: Thalia's MM prize - Sexy Over The Shoulder Top (need 100 clicks!)
2. Skirt: Sweetest Goodbye - Tik Tak in Khaki, $240L
3. Shoes: Redgrave - Athelete Heels, $290L
4. Necklace: Fuel - Heart Felt Key, $75L

WHOA!!!! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO!!! He's...Superman!

I bumped into him whilst going to Fuel for my landmark..he was looking at the necklaces...fancy that!


♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮ ❤☮ ✿´¯`✿.¸¸•♬♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮ ❤☮ ✿´¯`✿

Further Read: Pimp My Body

♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮ ❤☮ ✿´¯`✿.¸¸•♬♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮ ❤☮ ✿´¯`✿

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My First Night

My first night as a host, for anywhere!
Fun filled 3 hrs working at the Seven Ultra Lounge!

Chic, hype place to be, DJ Shane Hornet played Old School Punk, Pre-Punk, Glam/Glitter and New Wave tunes all the way through, and I was there shaking my hips like Shakira!

Dancin' @ Seven! Underground!

I am dancing to the beat with lots of lovely girls around!

Dancin' @ Seven! Underground with Takeshi

Suri & Celes Dancin' @ Seven! Underground
Picture by Carola Zabelin

Pretty sisters!
Celes & Suri (don't we look alike?)

Joined by Takeshi!

Dancin' @ Seven! Underground!

Carola & Suri Dancin' @ Seven! Underground
Picture by Carola Zabelin

Then shaking my ass with Carola Zabelin...

Dancin' @ Seven! Underground!

Celestine wants to show her moves too!

Dancin' @ Seven! Underground! does my DJ and his wife!
(DJ Shane Hornet & Ireland Barrymore)

TY guys for a great night; I shall return!!!

Click to visit Seven Ultra Lounge!!!

♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮ ❤☮ ✿´¯`✿.¸¸•♬♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮ ❤☮ ✿´¯`✿

Styling Tips:

On Suri: Roses & Guns Outfit from Little Fish, $260L
On Takeshi: Ce Cubic Effect - Leather & Fur Long Coat in brown, $550L *swoons*

♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮ ❤☮ ✿´¯`✿.¸¸•♬♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮ ❤☮ ✿´¯`✿

Saturday, March 7, 2009

With 2 Of My Favorite Guys On The Grid

In ONE day, I get to spend time with my beloved friends!
These 2 guys are amongst my favorite (to the other guys - I guess we need to work on our friendship!!!), and I got to see them both at the same time!

Ben & Suri

Ben Vanguard, of SL MEN, writes the first blog I ever read; he is my hero, always will be, for he commits to work 110% (jeez, he doesn't even have time to attend parties) and is a perfect example to how I should be too!

He Tp'd me today cuz he saw some chicccc shoes and thought of on!! *swoons*

Watching the world go by

Brilliant, think Converse with Heels...they are pretty damn cool shoes! Ben chose yellow for me, I guess he knew I like to splash a mixture of colors on me to look like a clown doll!

Styling Tips:
1. Top: Kenzie & Co. - Half Tank Sports Wear, $75L
2. Tight Jeans from Little Fish, $120L
3. Pretty Damn Cool Shoes: *Ordinary* -Caraca- Yellow, $200L

After meeting with Ben, Takeshi Tp'd me to Discord where they have a really cool camping system - you're put inside a cage with other people...god knows if you can get out safely!

This is us before camping:

Forever in prison

There are 2 large cages: one for men and one for women, you will need to have group tag activated to use the camping system; gifts are:

Suri Takeshi in Discord

TP to Discord now!

Here are some pics Take & I have taken long ago, I dug it out of the inventory from
Bare Rose! It must have been one of the first places I went shopping, my first sl boyfriend took me there to get some ninja stuff, it was really cool and I discovered that they do a lot of clothing (duh) but some in men and women variations, like the following "Eclipse" outfit:


The men's variation is called "Eclipse Knight", both cost $135L each! Here is what the girl variation looks like:


Thank you Ben and Take for a mini gathering! Love you both!


Friday, March 6, 2009


As I prepare to open up a store I am busy making some more poses! I spent much time working out the type of 'theme' I want to project into my posters; here are the latest 2 I have completed~!


Pose: Sundance

Styling Tips:
1. Outfit: Kuri Style - 149feather(brown)paper, $2L. This particular color is just $2L. Absolute bargain, I'd say...see? There ARE perks to be a freebie blogger too! <3
2. Hair: "Vanessa" from Lelutka. I do not remember how much it was! Lelutka is closed for renovations right now, so there's no way to find out XD

Picture taken @ a very nice sunflower field; very summery, perfect with the feathery skirt!

[S.LOVES] Total Eclipse Of The Mind UNRELEASED

How much do I love this poster?
This is actually a second version; the first one I have used a very abstract background, with teal glowy effects and was overall very bright. Somehow it didn't 'feel' right and I just played around and came up with this! It's totally cool with the pose though...

Pose: Total Eclipse Of The Mind

Styling Tips:
1. Dress: Fabulous Fashion Gift from NX, $0L
2. Stockings from Freesoul; pack of black and white, $250L
3. Gloves from Vette's Boutique, $125L for a double pack

OMG I am going to faint!!!
I just saw these pack of gloves on the lucky chair!! Damn!

If you like these you can come stalk the lucky chair at the mainstore, and get these set of gloves in black & white for free!

4. Stiletto Moody Glam Booties *screamssssssssssss*, $1299L

OKOK, let me justify the cost of the booties!!

Moody Glam Bootie..Hot

And my gummy bears, they are MINE!!! :P

♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮ ❤☮ ✿´¯`✿.¸¸•♬♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮
♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮ ❤☮ ✿´¯`✿.¸¸•♬♬•¸¸.✿´¯`✿ ☮❤☮

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am so excited with these 2 posters, I have been working on them a lil bit, changing the eye color and the lips. The poster looks lucious and colorful, just like me!

I would like to give you a sneak preview before I release them...



[S.LOVES] Oops! Pose

In the meantime though, you could get the stuff I am sporting in these 2 posters:

Styling Tips:
1. Outfit: Staged - Magenta Bohemian Summer
2. Hair: Lelutka - "Vanessa" in brown, $250L
3. Maitreya - ChiChi Pumps in Blue, $450L

NOTE: Lelutka is closed for re-modelling so you propably can't TP in right now.