Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dream Scene

Dream Scene is your portable hideaway in the sky. Rezz the bubble and fly up to 4000m to fantastic venues for you and your friends. Privacy in a fancy scenery!

This is a modular system: 15 scenes are now available and more are released regularly.

And the special offer till 07/10/2009:
One of them is set for sale for $0L for this limited time only!

The Toon Forest is a newly released Dream Scene! Fully working and with tons of sitting animations, cuddle and sex menus.

Sit and relax with your friends at a camp fire in the awesome atmosphere of a toon styled forest.

You can add any other scene of this system to this limited Giveaway.

To sum it up, Garden of Dreams is one of the COOLEST place to go and chill; it has beautiful scenery and lots of demo scenes to try. You really are crazy if you take a pass on this offer! I was thoroughly amazed at the quality and details put into this toon forest; I am sure all the others are of same, if not higher quality!

Grab this fabulous Toon Forest from The Garden of Dreams!
$0L until 10th July!!

You can now buy this set for $0L to get a taste of the many dream scenes on offer!
See below:



Grab this fabulous Toon Forest from The Garden of Dreams!
$0L until 10th July!!

My clothes:
1. Hair: Maitreya - Apple
2. Bangle - LaGyo - African Nights bangle
3. Tee: [studio m] MJ Tee, $0L
4. Pants: (P-K) Carrot pant (Marine)
5. Shoes: ~*ZHAO*~ Sk8Sneak - Aces High

Suri C

Suri.James Bond Style

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Your 5-A-Day

Fruit and vegetables help set you up for a healthier lifestyle. Best of all, there is so much variety to choose from, all year long, there's enough to keep even the fussiest eaters happy.

To get the best health benefits, your 5 A DAY portions should include a combination of a variety of fruit and vegetables. That's 5 portions altogether, not 5 portions of fruit and 5 portions of veg.

So...actually it is a good idea to get all these fruits on me. After buying this fruits I decided to parade around at home, at last settling in this doughnut chair... *picks a cherry to eat*

From Suri, xoxo

Your 5-a-day

Gumi's Bad Box - Fruits Outfit

Hair: Truth - Twiggy

Go and get this sexy outfit! Check out their whipped cream version too. Way too sexy to pass!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Fun

Matteoo & I are having some fun at my house!
We got a freebie couple pose from SD pose and it is perfect some some summer fun, thank god I am not so heavy, Matt carried me with ease!

Pose: SDPose - Feather
**You can get this gift by joining the mailing list**

On Matteoo:
*REDGRAVE* SHORTS White-Blue, $300L

On Suri:
Bikini: *BOOM* Tahiti Sweety (Tropics)
Hair: Dernier Cri - Jenelle

Friday, June 12, 2009


YES that's right, we now have lucky boards!!! I have put out 2 for the moment to see how you guys like it. There are now 3 gifts in total, let me show you what they are!

1. My signature Model's Pose ~Light Version~ *Lucky board only!!!*


If you like the full version (12 poses), but have not bought a set, here is your chance to take home a light version, 3 poses installed inside this bright blue neon pole, it's bright enough to set a party alive!

Lucky board changes every 10 mins, demo included in store, come try it out!

Here is the Full version Model's Pose, sold at full price:
[S.LOVES] Model's Pole Poster

2. "Posers" Couple Pose:
[S.LOVES] Posers Couple Pose

This remains one of my favorite couple poses, it's simple, easy and GREAT for posing! Thank you Takeshi for posing with me on that day, we look absolutely gorgeous!!

3. [S.LOVES] Lux:

Sensual pose, just cuz I want to! One of my favorite single poses, you can now grab this from the lucky boards ;p

We also have a NEW item out today, this one is really fun!!
Are you an animal lover? Behold, I present to you...Toby!! My extremely well behaved pet horse, he lets me pose on them all day without whining...you can try Toby out at the mainstore! I have rezzed 2 outside of the store so you and a loved one can go ride together!

[S.LOVES] My pet horse Toby

For the *FIRST* 24 hours, it is marked down 50% from its original price. Buy this for only $40L for the *FIRST* 24 hours, price will promptly be restored after 24 hours!!!

My Pet Horse Toby
My Pet Horse Toby
My Pet Horse Toby
My Pet Horse Toby

[S.LOVES] My Pet Horse Toby

It really is a fun addition to your home, or simply just to have fun with your friends!

Thank you to all my friends for the encouragement, including Tomoyo, Takeshi, Matteoo, Dimitri, Lauryn & Creamy!!! I am so happy you guys like Toby!

Good luck with the lucky boards & hope you like Toby as well!!

Style note:
3. Hair: W&Ylucky board gift
4. Heels: *Kookie* Chic Heels - Ink
5. Bangles: *Kookie* - Spangle Mixed bracelets


Monday, June 8, 2009


NOW, who is a shade freak?
Have you been to Shade Throne?

Undo has created some wicked, funky shades in the past and this new release is no different. I think it is quirky and different than other shades I have seen on the grid, yet you can see it is so totally her style! Originally made for her partner, Vesnina, it is now avaliable to buy at her store! Let me show you all the colors avaliable:

[SHADE THRONE] The Gate Shades:
[SHADE THRONE] The Gate Shades

Undo Hermano, owner of Shade Throne:
[S.LOVES] photography

Undo's partner, Vesnina:
[S.LOVES] Photography

Here is myself wearing the shades on a recent boat ride:
Boat Ride

Other style credits:
1. (P-K) Open Blazer in Marine
2. DEVOL Holder Bra (pick reward):
DEVOL Holder Bra 5 Set
3. Kago Jeans by Armidi
4. Hair by Aoharu