Friday, August 20, 2010

So What Happens When You Are In Lag?

I am sure all of SL residents are familiar with lag. We fight it on a daily basis!
Finally I am able to TP into Maitreya thank god! and do some much needed retail therapy. I roughly know where things are placed and I know exactly which color I would like to purchase, so flying to the area and clicking on the vendors to buy. THEN, this person (I think she is a person?!) IM me and says they think I am rude. Apparently I bumped into someone and did not apologise. In my defence I have not rezzed fully, but apologised when I did see the person who were standing next to me at the time. Anyway this bitch fest did not stop while she keeps provoking me, what can a nice girl do in this situation? How can you talk sense into someone who is so obsessed with her pixelated self?!

Bardot Ethaniel: you were extremely rude
Suri Christen: excuse me?
Bardot Ethaniel: you flew into ___ and did not say excuse me
Suri Christen: lol
Suri Christen: u have to understand its laggy here
Suri Christen: i am still grey and cannot see anyone
Bardot Ethaniel: yes so flying is not considered proper
Suri Christen: how am i supposed to see who i ran into
Bardot Ethaniel: she's staning right next to you
Suri Christen: well thanks for the information
Suri Christen: i can't see yet
Bardot Ethaniel: then when things have not rezed it is polite to take a few steps and wait
Suri Christen: lol
Suri Christen: what is your problem
Suri Christen: i can do whatever i want
Bardot Ethaniel: I was just telling you that you were being rude
Suri Christen: i think you are being rude too, who gave u permission to IM me

Suri Christen: hey ____, apparently i ran into you. much apologies. this person is telling me off for being rude. I am rezzing, so apologies for that.
___: no worries
Bardot Ethaniel: that's a good girl
___: it's the lag, thank you
Suri Christen: exactly
Suri Christen: cheers for understanding
Suri Christen: i was not being rude as bossy over there is pointing out.
Bardot Ethaniel: [16:25] Suri Christen: i think you are being rude too, who gave u permission to IM me
Bardot Ethaniel: now go fuck yourself Suri
Suri Christen: and stop camming me
Suri Christen: ditto
Bardot Ethaniel: now that's what I call being rude bitch
___: Drama at Maitreya
Suri Christen: i never swore at you
Suri Christen: you did it
Suri Christen: lol ______
Bardot Ethaniel: piss off loser
Suri Christen: see?
Suri Christen: i am not going anywhere
Suri Christen: i am shopping
___: instead of pulling it
Suri Christen: well, wasn't my intention for her to swear
___: and let's be friends
Bardot Ethaniel: and put some clothes on or is your "store" doing so bad you can't afford any?
Suri Christen: i just wanna shop, sheesh
Suri Christen: whatever, B

By the way, she was dressed from head to toes in primmy clothing and shoes, dressing down seemed to be the appropriate option for me. Insulting my character and my business is not welcoming at all; I put this on the blog to remind myself what happens when one thinks she owns the world aand try to control everyone around it.

Freak show? She really was.

Monday, August 16, 2010

[doll.]™ Pose Update!

NEW release!
I have not released a new pose set for some time now, I present to you the "Alexandra" pose set! Sassy poses as usual, always posey and great for showing off those already long and sexy legs! Come to try it out!

[doll.] Alexandra Pose Collection
(Click here to view large)

TP to
[doll.]™ Mainstore!


[doll.]™ ZombiePopCorn!

ZombiePopcorn hunt commences on 15th August, here's my hunt prize:

[doll.]™ Tess Pose Collection (8 poses):
Tess pose Collection

A bunch of sassy poses, orginally made for personal photo taking, but it's fun to complete the set! You will find this at my store at the ZombiePopcorn Sim, $0L!

Watch this space for more information!


[doll.]™ For The Platinum Hunt!

The Platinum Hunt starts @ 8th August and runs until 31st August.
Number of designers: 100; all hunt items cost max. $10L per play!

I am participating in this exciting event! Here's my item: a mini pose collection of 5 poses inspired by my SL sis Celestine. She is a dynamic gal and I am seeing a cheeky side of her of late, always buzzing around, never a moment standing still LOL but ALWAYS ready for a picture! These 5 poses have cute poses, camera ready poses, all fun to use! Get this for $10L in the platinum hunt:

[doll.]™ Celestia Mini-Pose Collection
(Click here to view large)

Hold on til 8th August!

[doll.]™ Poses Mainstore


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Of Love 2010 ENDS TOMMORROW

The Summer of Love 2010 will close its door tommorrow 8th August!
There are tons of designers taking part this time round, with exclusive, brand new items that are only available at this location during the fair!
Make sure you get everything you want before it closes the doors.

I am so happy to be asked to take part again, here's the items available from me, ALL discounted during the fair:

[doll.]™ Chloe Pose Collection
(Click here to view large)

[doll.] WELCOME HOME, DARLING Couple Pose
(Click here to view large)

[doll.]™ Love Notes II
(Click here to view large)

All items will be sold at a discounted price, after the fair you can buy it at my store but will be at normal price!
TP To The Summer of Love 2010 Fair

Suri, xoxo