Tuesday, April 28, 2009

[S.LOVES] & Pose-ology Update - WE ARE MOVING!!!

It's the next natural step, we just can't stop making these fun poses! I have a great time making posters for these poses, now that Aradhana of Mashooka Designs invite me to join her sim, I am more than happy to! For the grand opening of the new place, joined by Sway's Creations we will be holding a special hunt, prizes are lucrative (at least I think so. ;p), here are some previews from my side!

TP to [S.LOVES] on the Mashooka sim now!!!

1. Main Shop Front & Freebies area:
Store Opening

2. Sway's Creation, my next door neighbour on the beautifully designed Mashooka sim:
Store Opening

3. Ground Floor:
Store Opening

TP to [S.LOVES] on the Mashooka sim now!!!

Let's have a look at the hunt prizes from me:

1. "Leg Up" pose:
[S.LOVES] Leg Up

2. The Oh-so-very "Juicy!" pose:
[S.LOVES] Juicy! Pose

TP to [S.LOVES] on the Mashooka sim now!!!

3. "Dancing Couple" pose:
[S.LOVES] Dancing Couple Pose

On Suri:
SJP Dress from Meghindo's Touch
2. Tesla's Marie Heels in Watermelon

On Caeo:
Free Tux from Camelot Gardens

4. "POSERS" couple pose
[S.LOVES] Posers Couple Pose

The hunt is ongoing from tommorrow evening up until sunday! Plenty of time to get your hands on these, don't forget there are hunt prizes from Sway's Creations and of course, Mashooka Designs, see you there!

TP to [S.LOVES] on the Mashooka sim now!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Belle Belle!

Leyla Firefly, creator of Belle Belle Furniture has made some goods avaliable! Being one of the best established furniture stores on SL (I once bought their washing machine set when I was a noobie), Leyla treats group members with love! She has added a midnight mania boards, giving out a piece of furniture out of a whole set weekly; collect them for a whole set week by week! Also 2 lucky boards are being put out with a cute cute rocking couple chair. Read on!

"A Quiet Moment" Couple Rocking Chair, from the lucky boards!!

One of the most popular living room sets, the "Luna":
Luna Living Room Set

Luna Living Room Set

This week's prize at the midnight mania board is the "Luna" coffee table, complete with a bowl with candles! Come back weekly for new prize, for the complete set. Midnight mania needs only 100 hits daily.

ur_002 copy

1. Algernon Zip up jacket in green (lucky board), unisex!
2. Pants from BOOM, part of the Shot Girl outfit
3. Hair: Aden - Madison


1. Jersey from *HOTCH POTCH*: Rakugaki Jersey Kuro, freebie in store

QCD Designs

On Caeo, all from DCQ Designs:
1. Emo Star Tee
2. Ripped w/Stars Jeans

3.Skull Eat Stars Tee
4. Plain Black Jeans

QCD Designs

On Suri, all from DCQ Designs:

1. Red Bubbles Skull Tank
2. Plain Black Jeans

On Caeo, all from DCQ Designs:

1. Red Rose Skully Tee
2. Plain Black Jeans

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hi everyone! Time for some updates!

TP to [S.LOVES] & Pose-ology @ Crush Row for these goodies! Remember, you have until Sunday!

POSE: Suri.With Love
Suri.With Love.
I made this picture inspired by all the lovely snapshots I took in my years on SL, plus I could not resist another lingerie shot...turned out quite nice!

$1L until Sunday before going back to normal price again XD

Another sexy pose...just because...


New freebie in store for everyone! <3
[S.LOVES] Wondergirl 1 (basketball) Poster

POSE: Wonderball (basketball included, just wear to pose!)

TP to [S.LOVES] & Pose-ology @ Crush Row for these goodies! Remember, you have until Sunday!

POSE: Follow Me
[S.LOVES] Follow Me Couple Pose

The sweetest couple pose yet, this is one of my new creations, marked down to $10L until Sunday...enjoy!

POSE: My Dear
[S.LOVES] My Dear Couple Pose

Another new release! For couples XD

TP to [S.LOVES] & Pose-ology @ Crush Row for these goodies! Remember, you have until Sunday!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wethersby, oh Wethersby

My style is cute & casuals, but don't mean I can't work these dresses! Bring them on, as Wethersby has done exactly that!

A series of one piece style dresses, I'll show you how womanly they make me feel!!

TP to Wethersby's now!!

Wetherby's 4th Collection, will be gift in 3 weeks
Wethersby Review


Wethersby Review

From Left:
1. # 51 Wetherby's Belted Satin Sheath Dress #4
2. Wetherby's #50 Handbag
3. #37 - Wetherby's - EoC- Pleated Bodice Dress
4. Wetherby's 4th Collection Free Dress #2 (gift from April 20th)

TP to Wethersby's now!!

Wethersby Review

From Left:
1. Wetherby's 4th Collection - Free Dress #1 (freebie)
2. Wetherby's 4th Collection - Free gift #3 (unreleased freebie)

Wethersby Review

Dress: #50 Wetherby's Ruffle Colorblock Dress

TP to Wethersby's now!!

Other credits:
1. Hair: +++DEJAVU+++ YUKINA 1 Dark red brown
2. Long Necklace by Asia Kutanaga (creator's name!)
3. "Diamonds party" Platinum Ring from Bandit Jewelry Shop
Shoes: Digit Darkes Spring 09 Collection -Lotus Heel-

Monday, April 13, 2009

In ESSE-nce, World Of Beauty

If you are an active shopper like me you would propably notice new stores around quicker than some, Beauty Avatar has a new addition to their sim! Store is called iN ESSE* Clothings & Hairs, store created by isaa Gelber (as it appears on her profile). While not working on her store you will find Isaa as part of the BOSL Magazine team. Let's have a look at her new hair *swoons, new hair...*

In Esse Review pictures

1. Outfit :Bijou: Vibe [fakefur/Purple set]
2. Boots: Maitreya SoHo Boots 'Taupe Suede' (rezday pressie from Ding, thank you so much *kisses*!!)
3. Spexx White & Gold Vintage Shades
4. Atelier AM Volume Necklace in Champagne

4. Dress: iN Esse White Wool Dress (coming soon)
5. [*RG*] London Heels -Petrol-

In Esse Review pictures
iN Esse: Hair Isis in platinum

In Esse Review pictures
iN Esse: Hair Isis in brown

In Esse Review pictures

1. (P-K) Wool Sweater in Ecru
2. :Bijou: Metallic Leggings [from the Dull Colors set]
3. Chain Belt (freebie), with 2 wear options, either on pelvis or on stomach, very versatile!
4. *League* Asuka Boots
5. (VW) Fame Shades - Garnet on Zircon

6. Ce Cubic Effect Shirt H5 for women (White)
7. iN Esse White Skirt

If you love accessories, then you would love this necklace...beautifully made, it accents your beautiful body,goes well with formal,semi-formal,casual and even gothic style, very reasonably priced too (only $30L)

8. ..::( AK )::.. Long Necklace 00 (only on XStreet for now)
9. Chain Belt (freebie)
10. Shoes: - Tesla - High Oxfords *Berry*

In Esse Review pictures
iN Esse: Hair Letycia in black

11. Bracelet & ring: *mocorin* USAKO set
12. Snow head ornament also from *mocorin*

In Esse Review pictures
iN Esse: Hair Layne in platinum

Another sneak preview of iN Esse's clothing range, here is a lovely (& sexy) sculpted black shirt, great to party in!

Front View:
In Esse Review pictures

Back View:
In Esse Review pictures

1. iN Esse Sculpted Black Shirt
2. Zaara Classic Jeans in Charcoal
3. ::GB:: **CROSS LIP Pierce**.For Girls (freebie)
4. elka Random Bangles Set
5. Le Choix Geo Necklace
6. ~Muse~ Catherine Black Pearl Cocktail Ring, avaliable as a set in gold or platinum, bling optional!
7. Charley hair from ETD

Friday, April 10, 2009

[S.LOVES] & Pose-ology Participate In The Crush Row Easter Egg Hunt

Talking of eggs, we have a hunt going on @ Crush Row!
Ongoing until 16th April, I have put out a freebie couple pose out, just look for this egg:

Crush Row Easter Hunt

This Hunt Giftie pose will NOT be sold or given out as a freebie, so grab this while you can! Only until 16th April :))

Nuzzle Couple Pose

TP To S.LOVES & Pose-ology @ Crush Row!

Don't forget Dollarbie of the new realease, "Complex" poses is avaliable until 14th April too:

complex 1

TP To S.LOVES & Pose-ology @ Crush Row!


More pose update!
This time its couple poses, I have had these made for some time but never a good chance to make posters!

I am very pleased with the results I hope you like them as much as I do!

List of clothing will come at the end of the pictures:

1. [S.LOVES] Spring Has Sprung Couple Pose:
[S.LOVES] Spring Has Sprung Couple Pose

A fun and flirty one, the girl and boy equally love to pose! This set has been marked down from $120L to $10L until next 14th April, grab it if you like it!

Swimsuit from DCNY, a spring time gift including a skin (not shown)

2. [S.LOVES] Hand In Hand Couple Pose:
[S.LOVES] Hand In Hand Couple Pose

Sweet couple pose hold hands together!
Avalaible in store, $120L

Shoes: SLink (zzzzzzzzzzzzOMG totally in love with these...) Glamour Platforms in Black, $500L

***NOTE: If you have problems tinting your sculpted feet, no sweat! What The Fug Blog has a very handy tutorial on this matter, visit: http://wehatewhatyourewearing.blogspot.com/2009/04/tutorial-how-do-i-tint-my-prim-feet.html to see how it's done!***

Suri Takeshi

Little Fish Eva Fashion Dress

Both hair by 69: $200L each!

Dresses worn above are both from Little Fish. This is a new release avaliable in various colors; these dresses make me wanna SALSA! ;p

Little Fish Eva Fashion Dress, $180L

Little Fish Sweet Girl

One more new release from Little Fish; this set is called SWEET GIRL, I like it a lot, reminds me of spring! Flirty mini skirt with polka dots that ruffles up (think pom poms) with multi layered vest tops!

Little Fish Sweet Girl, $168L

Kawaii Jelly Butterfly Rings in Orange, $45L

Hoorenbeek sneakers

Team this outfit with Hoorenbeek's NEW sneakers!
Just for Easter, Hoorenbeek is giving away this Nylon sneakers in blue/white free!! Hurry though, only until 14th April ;p

Look for this chocolate egg!
Hoorenbeek gift for Easter

Thank you so much, Ben Vanguard (of SLMEN.com!!!) for your tip!!! *hugs*

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Proud To Be..

Meghindo of Meghindo's Touch Of Sensuality has put together a fab, sexy nurse outfit for all the sexy avis out there. Poster looks HOT! Outfit rocks too!

This "Proud Nurse" outfit is avaliable to buy at only $10L; as you can see in this picture there is a pair of naked butt on show ;p, this is for the guys! This male patient get-up is included with the "Proud Nurse" outfit, I especially asked Matteoo to lend me his butt for this shoot:

proud nurse safe hands

TP to Meghindo's Touch Of Sensuality!

Photo taken @ Second Health Hospital - Polyclinic Arrival Point
A great looking sim with some fun hospital settings; The sim was created to work in conjunction with the UK NHS describing what the future healthcare could look like. Sound interesting? It's a good place to explore!

Next I have some party clothes for the wild one in you! Signature style is sexy, as usual...oh we know Meghindo too well *winks*, this is a set of backless (gasps!!) sequin top and pants, comes in a total of 9 colors:

Les Chifoniers - ALL colors

Les Chifoniers - ALL colors

TP to Meghindo's Touch Of Sensuality for these fab additions to your closet!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

[S.LOVES] & Pose-ology Update - BASIC COMPLEXITY

New Poses in town!!
I am very pleased with this set of poses; still sexy, still lookin' good!

I hope you like them as much as I do!
let's show them off..

TP To S.LOVES @ Crush Row!

complex 1

complex 2

complex 3

complex 4

complex 5

complex 6

They are $50L each, or $200L for the set of 6 (that's $33L a each!)

TP To S.LOVES @ Crush Row!

Don't forget Takeshi's poses from his brand, Pose-ology is avaliable too! Tailored for guys, these "Basic" poses are there for the taking!

$50L each or $120L for the set of 3, come and see if this is your thing!

Pose-ology basic 2

The Basics 2 @ Pose-ology Blog Infomation.

TP To S.LOVES @ Crush Row!