Thursday, February 26, 2009

[S.LOVES] Pose Update

[S.LOVES] La Jump! Poster

My NEWEST pose!

Called 'La Jump', I feel cheeky today, put on my blonde hair, bug eyed style shades and off to the sun! Where does a girl go without her heels?! Thank god for Redgrave...that's all I say...

You can grab my pose at the Blue Blood Island in Kali Isle; I am looking for some store space to rent; any good suggestions please IM me in-world!

Styling Tips:
1. Clothing from Random Fashions (sale on until 28th Feb), the top and bottom cost me $70L in total!! Bargain!
2. Shoes: Athlete Heels from Redgrave, $290L
3. "Mist" Hair from Laqroki, $300L

H&V glasses!

4. Heartattack & Vine's "Plastic Fantastic" Shades, $60L

POSE: [S.LOVES] "La Jump!"

All Girls Come Together Now

As we draw an end to the Greatest Love Hunt, Katlene is having a fashion show showing off the gifts, some designers will be on the runway, and models from Katlene's model agency too!

We are just goofing around here posing...

we b getting dem boys 1

Did you know I can move my hips that high up!?

We be getting dem boys 2

All together for a big smile now...

At the park

Outfit Details:

1. Shirt: {\4Eva GuTta/} Midnight Mania, only need 50 to lockdown!
2. Skirt: Minnie Skirtz from {\4Eva GuTta/}, $100L
3. Shoes from Stiletto Moody, $too muchL

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

特務 S

從前, 她是個印度皇室
Once Upon a time, she was an Indian royal princess

Indian Princess

Living a safe and peaceful life

Indian Princess

She was deeply involved with dancing

Indian Princess

And was a keen sportsperson

Mashooka Design Gift

One day she sneaked out of the palace to play and got kidnapped...Her life changes dramatically...

就像人間經發了一樣, 小公主從此消失...
As if she evapourated like vapoured water, the little pincess disappears...


Mashooka Designs: Indian Princess Gharara, assorted colors avaliable in store!

Jewlery also by Mashooka Designs

3 年後
3 Years later

無名殺手橫行霸道, 她每當殺人後, 定必留下一顆鑽石心, 我們稱她為 "S"
Nameless killer rules the streets, she leaves a diamond heart every time her target is eliminated...we only know her as "S"

diamond heart

Project S 2

S 的故事
The Story of S

Project S 5 Transformation

S 常常都要進行電動治療, 他們說能保持最頂級狀態...過程很痛苦...
S has to ungergo electronic treatment often, "they" say it keeps her in top condition...but it's very painful indeed...


今晚又要行動, 目標是表面像個丑陋肮脏的男子...
Target tonight is a boss disguised as a badly clothed, dirty young man...


Target locked in sight

Project S 6

精通舞術的 S 輕易跳下來, 向目標施下毒手! 與以往一樣, 她也是豪不留情
Using her advanced dancing skills, S easily jumps off and assassin her target! As usual, she shows no emotion whilst carrying out her work

Project S 4

任務完成...她看著平靜的都城市, 試想有自由的滋味...
Mission accomplished... S looks at the city from above...but when can she return to her home?

Clothing: Little Fish: Roses & Guns

This is a killer combination! The outfit screams power and the glitter adds glam, whilst the bright red rose adds contrast and feminism! The most inspiring has got to be the leather pants; it is the perfect combination for a night out! Wear a hat to complete the look, like I have!

Fab earrings by Mashooka Designs

Further Read: Indian Princess from Free*Style.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Looking Back II

At one point I had about 4 flickr accounts, I am fixed to one now, because I discovered pro and not saving everything in ridiculously high resolution!

I have found some very interesting pics that brings my memories back to many good times...and also reminded me how I cannot stop looking at angles and take pics all the time!

old memories (5) Assassin On A Mission

I like this one very much. Myself on a dark street at night in a myserious dark coat and if I am about to do something...deadly.

old memories (6) Blogger Spotlight for Vain Inc. Magazine

Blogger Spotlight for Vain Inc...
A big day for me, as I am featured in an SL magazine for the first time!
I have designed the page myself and it took a lot of time! Then my HDD died on me and I lost the .psd file, I won't make it again, this is a nice memory!

old memories (3)

This is myself sitting on the seaside, I had a sweet innocent look for a while, before I gre out of my shell and became the vixen they call me ;p (yeah, right!)

Meeting the bloggers!

Its so nice to have others who share a common interest with you and is so passionate to deliver, these are my dear friends all have blogs to contribute to, so take some time out to recognise them please!

old memories (2) Kissing Gabi

Me and Gabi, we have known each other for a while, before I buggered off to Free*Style, now Gabi has her own blog, called SL Good Deals!

old memories

Me and Dahlindah!
My homegirl from Free*Style, she looks so damn good in every single skin she gets! She must have 'one-of-those' shapes...;p This pic was taken the first time ever I met her, at Shoe Fly.

old memories (9)

Me and Vent, at Ding's house as he tries to throw me into the water!

old memories (10)

Here is Vent and I again, right before I killed him off:

old memories (8) I killed Venturino


Happy V day

Venturino has since resurrected and opened up VPoses and Ding has a store called 50Flats.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fashion Show

Fashion show for the Greatest Love Hunt on 28/2/09.
Here is one of the fitting session:

During a fitting session, fashion show on 28/2

On arrival...

During a fitting session, fashion show on 28/2

OMG I love this!
I think I will be wearing this...*ponders*?


Katlene Nivens

[S.LOVES] Pose Update

I have made a couple of static poses for now. They are all avaliable The old ones are moved to Kali Isle where the Blue Blood Mainstore is!

BBF poster for momo

This was made for the re-opening of Sadistic Hacker, but also avaliable with my other poses.

Models: Suri & Takeshi

Somebody loves you!

Valentine special!
Sit pose with sculptie...just another way to say "I Love You" on Valentine's Day. If you need an emoter to smile like me, IM me in world, I'll throw you a copy!

under my heel

Feeling creative here, this pose was made with the chair. The package comes with the pose seperate from the chair too.

Picture taken at the Free*Style Love Shack; after lots of people couldn't find Creamy's "Beckham" shapes and's just behind me!!

Link: The Theme Is Black

Love Constellation Pose

My latest creation, "Love Constellation"; made when wearing this dress from Beauty Avatar, including this lovely sculpted skirt and wicked gloves!

ALL Poses are moved to the new location!

Looking Back

The past few months has been really fun for me, celebrating my 1st rezday etc...I am thankful to have found a close circle of friends on SL (what else do you need...beside endless $$ in your account?); here are some pictures I kept to remind myself of good times..

My birthday table

Look what my sis got me!

This is a surprise table rezzed on my home, made by my sis!
Wasn't much of a surprise when I logged in and saw her and Vent standing there discussing the decor...thanks guys! It was such a lovely gesture.

Here is my lovely sis:

old memories (4)


More than sisters

My bread basket with some ice cream

I love all things miniture, this is mini display taken from my home...I got this in a HK modelling shop. I do not have the whole colelction..I just fancied some bagels on that day ;p

Whatsup baby?

Wassup with the baby?
Bedroom eyes sitting in a tub naked?
Hmm...somehow there something very wrong with him smoking a cigarette...


I don't really think you need any!
Most of you folks should know me by now!

Finally, my badge

I am a certified Flickr member!!

This blog is created especially for myself to share my creations with you, please check back regularly for updates and gifts!

On the top you will see the links to my beloved friends' blogs..I love you all xoxo!

If I find something that intrigues me I will definately put them here! It could be a hot avi...something funny...anything I can think of.


Have a good day everyone!