Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bitch much?

[20:30] Dxxxxxxx Carolina:
How about telling WHAT skirt... WHAT hair... WHAT shoes in addition to the poses... fucking blogger... 'oooo... look at ME....'
[20:31] Dxxxxxxx Carolina: or not
[20:31] Dxxxxxxx Carolina: *chuckle*

bitch much, Dxxxxxxx?


Here's this week's $60L item from my store, a pose set of 11 poses (with 2 similar variations) called "Katie". This set has 2 wall poses with it and I attached a poseball with these 2 poses set inside! Just press PgUP or PgDWN to switch the poses. Rez it against a wall and off you go!

[doll.]™ Katie Pose Collection, $60L only this weekend!

[doll.] Katie Pose Collection

Have a great weekend!

Suri, xoxo

Thursday, May 13, 2010

[doll.]™ Tattooes!!

I got bored, made a few tatts, you can find them all at the TP to [doll.]™ Mainstore to see them all!

1.[doll.]™ Tattoo! I Want My Vampire!
[doll.]™ Tattoo!! I want my vampire

2.[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Beneath This Skin
[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Beneath the skin

3.[doll.]™ Tattoo! Every day is mine
[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Every day is mine

4.[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Lic.o.rice
[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Lic.o.rice

5.[doll.]™ P.S. I Love You
[doll.]™ Tattoo!! P.S. I Love You

6.[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Tell Me, and I am Yours
[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Tell Me, and I am Yours

And....lastly, a subscribe-o-matic group gift! You will receive this is you are part of my group already, if not, you can buy this for $1L.

Dreams come true GROUP GIFT

TP to [doll.]™ Poses Mainstore!

Suri, xoxo

[doll.]™ Poses Update

Time for an update!
New stuffs now avaliable at the mainstore:

Lenka Pose Collection:
[doll.]™ Lenka Pose Collection

Dollarbie from this collection:
[doll.]™ Lenka Pose Collection

Ella Pose Collection:
[doll.]™ Ella Pose Collection

Dollarbie from this collection:
[doll.]™ Ella 09 DOLLARBIE in store

Now for some props:

1. Viva Posing Stool {single}:
[doll.] Viva Bar Stool Multi

2. Viva II Posing Stool{couple}:

Subscribe-o-matic {group gift}, or $5L:

TP to [doll.]™ Poses Mainstore to see all of these!

Suri, xoxo

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New [doll.]™ Mainstore

My new mainstore. In the form of a giant piece of cake!
How cool is that?

I had some major land problems which forced me to move. New SURL included at the bottom!

Mainstore@ Scent of Desire>

[doll.] New Mainstore!

[doll.] New Mainstore!

Join the subscribo for an upcoming group gift~~
I can't believe I finally got one!!

TP to [doll.]™ Poses Mainstore

Suri, xoxo