Friday, May 29, 2009

I Know...I Know...

There are still 2 more days until the MAKE HIM OVER hunt just for guys! I am so excited because I honestly feel guys do not get as much gifts as we girls do on SL, so here's 5 poses just for you guys, for your posing needs!

Here's the preview poster:
My Name Is Ruben

I have called this set of poses Ruben because I saw these really really REALLY hot pics of the model Ruben Cortada...haha, it's just something to remember him by!


The hunt starts on 1st get ready!!
Read: for more updates!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I think this is gonna be a popular hunt - a hunt just for guys! Yay! I do think that guys on SL do not receive the same perks as us ladies do, this hunt will surely give them a treat! I am happy to announced that Takeshi & I will both participate in the hunt, beginning on 1st June throughout until 30th June. Here are the official posters! Watch this space for posters of the gifts that we will give out for this hunt.

Make Him Over! Hunt

Make Him Over! Hunt

Read more about it at:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Little Compilation Of Dresses

Mini dress or gowns? I am not fussy, they look good to me all the same! Love, love these dresses!!

First I have these nautical stripey dresses from PARALLEL LOVE; they are both from the lucky board! 3 ways to wear, in 2 colors. Board changes often so go try your luck!

parallel love

Hair (from left):
1. [C&H] ODANGO HAIR in ash brown
2. *Sadistic Hacker* La Pucelle Hair in Raven
3. booN UZU22 hair in brown

Necklace from *katat0nik* - Clown Katty Necklace (thanks Abra for the present!!! <3)
Shoes from Redgrave - St. Tropez Heels -Ocean-

Now showing you a tight fitting purple corset with skirt by GLANCE Clothing. I got this whilst shopping for the new skin I am sporting of late; lovely detail on the corset, hold your breath while trying to put this on!

SLR Mclaren

1. GLANCE Clothing - Purple Corset Dress
2. Hair: Floe II from Foam
3. Kookie Heeless Shoes in Red

**I am working on some poses to go with this SLR Mclaren supercar! Watch this space for more updates...**

As we progess through the rest of the post, I got TP'd to Paper Couture, I am totally loving the wigs avaliable in store, and this Belladonna Mini Dress took my breath away...

Belladonna Mini
Belladonna Mini

Plenty of details, I am especially appealed by the gold color all on the dress, if you look closely, the dress is a little bit transparent, team it up with the shoulder puffs, it looks heavenly! Of course, I am wearing Paper Couture hair to go with it!

1. Paper Couture Belladonna Mini
2. Paper Couture Forget Me Not hair in brown (headband optional)
3. Shoes: Redgrave Glamour Heels

Last dress on this post is the NEW releases from Meghindo's Touch; the name is "Red Fever", drenched in fine glittery detail and so sexy too! This is Meghindo's trademark, sexy, lavish, and NEVER afraid to show too much skin. This dress is elegant yet sexy, it really shows off my bodyline well!

Red Fever

Red Fever

1. Meghindo's Touch Red Fever Gown
2. Jewelry - :: Genesis ::Red Queen Set
3. Paper Couture Frida hair in brown (rose included)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

[S.LOVES] Update, NEW Store Location!

I am joining Omaire & Anicia in their Lovely shops @ Gateaux Boulevard!
I've just set up the small space today, come see it! I have dedicated a "wall" just for newest releases, for ONE day only, these items are marked down from their usual prices, but first, let's see how the store looks!

New shop location

There are 4 boxes of freebies on the floor, you are welcome to come get them if you do not have them already! :)

Stuffs marked down for ONE DAY ONLY:, prices going back up promptly tommorrow at 3.30PM SLT

1. Oh, Admiral! single pose
[S.LOVES] Oh Admiral! Poster

Style Credits:
* (Milk Motion) My admiral jacket
* (Milk Motion) My skull necklace
* Sand Shack Surf Co. - Driftwood Tank - White
* Sand Shack Surf Co. - Rolled Denim Shorts - Blue
* (Milk Motion) My pocahontas sandals (high version)
* .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Stein Hair in Vanilla
* Reek - BatmanBelt
* Gloves: Vette's Boutique V-Glove Classic (black & white)

2. Come To Me Couple Pose
[S.LOVES] Come To Me Couple Pose

3. Model's Pole
[S.LOVES] Model's Pole Poster

Style Credits:
* Hair - .:.Foam!.:. - Floe l
* Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Diva: Red Satin & Lace Set
* Shoes: (Shiny Things) Lolas - black

Talking of Reek, another new releases!
This time is some PJs, true to the comfy, casual wear, Riq released these adorable looking PJs to keep us all in his creations all the time! I sense a wave of pillow fights and PJ parties at my house. Bring champagne!!

Takeshi has kindly spared some time to take these photos with me. He looks so at home in these PJs, and what do you think about his new blonde hair??

Reek jammies

Reek Jammies

Takeshi & Suri are Wearing:
Dino PJs from Reek (175L each / 600L for fatpack - consist of all colors + bonus color)

Reek is also involved in this year's RFL. You can buy a special edition Dino PJs in purple from the RFL vendor in store. $150L for a set of two (for him & for her), it's a great price for a good cause as well!

Reek - Dino PJs - Purple Edition for Relay for Life!

Further Read:
Dino PJs @ Reek

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dressed by: REEK

REEK is totally rocking my closet right now, I can't get enough of this casual chic style, comfy tees, bright, fresh-to-the-eye details and yummy yummy colors. YIKES, I think I am in love... Is it so bad that every time I wear the pink colored tees by REEK that I think about cotton candy?! Or strawberry marshmallow in a tub....yum yum...give me some to put on my toasts!!


Caeo is lending me his body today with some of the tees he got from Reek too...Look how hot he is!
Dressed By: REEK

Dressed By: REEK

Dressed By: REEK

These "Camp Annawanna" Tees (do you remember the show?!?!?!) come in assorted colors, different color packs for both boys & girls. No fighting people, you can all choose your own color!!


REEK - Camp Anawanna Tees - ALL colors, $125L

Other credits:
1. REEK - Reek - Rawr & Bangin Tees, Guys & Girls, $5L each set
2. On Caeo: Zaara Classic Jeans in Blue
3. On Suri: Floe II by Foam
4. On Suri: Vintage Shades 02 from [glow] Studio
5. On Suri: Bikini bottom, part of Vogel's Diamond Peach Bikini

ALL POSES by [S.LOVES] & the "Homme" series by Pose-ology

Prefab House by O Magine Homeworks, for "The Best Place Is Home" style houses...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spotlight On.... Lemania Indigo!

Lemania Indigo is a clothes designer whom have been around on SL for as long as I remember; she has started retiring items daily, each one of them for $1L on the retiring day! Her vast collection is endless (or so it seems); at times there are limited edition gowns to be bought, I am wearing the latest limited edition gown, "OH, Maya" inspired by the new feathery hair by ::Mayamaya Creations::. There are only 50 copies to be grab, once it's gone, it's gone!

TP to Lemania Indigo now!


Heavenly feathery skirt with a sexy shirt on top...


Not your average choice of gowns but guaranteed no other places have one like it! Match it with the feathery hair from ::Mayamaya Creations:: and you're good to go!

Thank you Lemania & Tapika for such a pretty gown!Lemania Indigo :)

Other Credits:
1. "Cherry" Hair by Lamb
2. Pearl Strand Necklace by Paper Couture

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We're Drawing Towards The End!

Haha, don't worry, it is nothing major, I am just reminding you that the grand opening hunt with Mashooka Designs will end promptly @ 3PM SLT today, so if you have not grabbed the gifts given (all 19 of them), please do so before 3! The hunt gifts given out will not be sold in the store, and they are pretty cute too! 2 couple poses & 2 single poses for your photographic purposes, you'd be crazy to pass that on:

Here's the final preview:
all the poses for the hunt

TP to [S.LOVES] @ Mashooka Isle now!!!

NOW for some NEW pose updates!
I have made 2 poses this week (how lazy am I?!); one is a fun girl-girl pose, and the other a single pose! I love how the posters turned out, looks good enough to be on the wall...hehe XD

1. mmm...Girl? Pose
[S.LOVES] mmm...Girl? Poster

2. Kneel Pose
Pose: Kneel by [S.LOVES]

Both avaliable in store.
TP to [S.LOVES] @ Mashooka Isle now!!!