Monday, November 15, 2010

[doll.]™ Rachel Pose Collection

Newest edition to my poses, The "Rachel" Pose Collection!

Rachel Pose collection

As usual, limited time $1L pose avaliable in-store:

TP to [doll.]™ Mainstore to get!

Suri x

Sunday, November 7, 2010

[doll.]™ Lucy

[doll.]™ Lucy Pose Collection

[doll.]™ Lucy 07
[LOTD.] Seldom Blue

60L is here! after 2 weeks break we are back with bargain deals - if you don't have the Lucy pose set, come get it for only 60L!

[doll.]™ Lucy Pose Collection
Suri x

Sunday, October 31, 2010

[doll.]™ Veronica Pose Collection

[doll.]™ Veronica Pose Collection

NEW pose collection!
Avaliable @ mainstore now!

Dollarbie Pose Too!
Veronica 04 dollarbie

TP to [doll.]™ Mainstore! XD

Monday, October 25, 2010


So I was reading blogs this morning and I came across this new item for Project Themeory, a new pose set and this amazingly sculpt cape from BOOM. Now I just so happen to have a superman costume in my inventory for reasons I can’t say in here and just so happen that Suri did a blog entry a few days before on Wonder Woman so I thought, why not, in response to that is the shot you see above. :p

Style Card:Body:
Skin: -Belleza- Ewan v2 SK 0-E(hair)
Hair: Uncleweb.Studio Hibiki-Hair type-A size-L black
Eyes: poetic color eyes by LL - night rain - medium
Outfit: Okey design SUPERMAN RETURNS suit R.O (Boots included)
Cape: *BOOM* Super Cape -Side Type (Red/Gold) (Comes with Resize Script)

Pose: *BOOM* /me is freakin Super 2

Joey Hui
[LOTD.] #13
New item from Aoharu, the new leather blouson with demin shirt. It is available in 6 colors and each of them have 2 way of wearing, only the blouson, or with the demin shirt inside. The detail of the sculpt part makes it a must have item for me, you will see clearly even the knot of the little leather strap on the zipper.

Matching the jacket, I choose to use an old pair of jeans from Grasp. Now I usually would prefer pants and shorts with prim cuffs, but then again, this is an old item so I am not complaining much. The belt is from sey which comes with texture changing script for both the belt and the logo strap. There are also other logos available at the store beside of ROCK as you see in this picture.

And that strap around my neck is a gift from Studio 4D, a dance animation store. I particularly like this item because the photo on the membership card actually is a script which takes the picture from your profile making it personal for each one who wears it.

Style Card:Body:
Skin: -Belleza- Ewan v2 SK 0-E(hair)
Hair: [Uncleweb Studio.7R] Aj-Hair size-L Meteoric
Eyes: poetic color eyes by LL - night rain - medium
Blouson with demin Shirt: AOHARU_LeatherBlouson_withDungareeShirt_Red
Tee: [name pending] Feather Tee
Jeans: +grasp+ Jeans Checked/Blue
Shoes: [Gos] Desert Boots – TartanRed
Necklace: STUDIO4D Member's card (strap)mens

Pose: Diesel Works Pandian 10

Joey Hui

[LOTD.] #12

Hello all, the name is Joey. From now on I will be blogging at this site along side Suri sharing with all of you some of the looks we have and will come up with in the future.

For my first blog post ever, I came up with this look above, the prim vest you see here is from Sweetest Goodbye which is sold along a shirt and not separately, unlike other vest, the vest comes with sculpt details like a waist strap on the back and prim buttons instead of drawn on parts like many out there.
I choose not to wear a shirt underneath as I wanted to give the attention to the fallen necklace from HOD itself, the detail craftsmanship satisfied even a fastidious person like myself, plus the item comes with a resize script by blue drop menu and the matching bracelet, It was just the perfect accessory set for this look.

The pants here are from Sey, it has the usual sculpt cuffs you would look for in most pants but the thing you want to notice here is the belt, the package has 2 versions, one with resize script another without, both works with blue drop menu and as a little something extra, there is another button on that same menu which is the texture changing one to change the look of the sculpt back bags, but is not just texture changing but rather has a little surprise which I am going to leave for you guys to find out yourself

Last but not least, the recent release from GOS, these desert boots are excellent for almost any look that can come to your mind, being it formal or not. It comes with a unique texture adding system which I am sure most of you know about and the system has animation of its own which makes it really realistic.

Style Card:Body:
Skin: -Belleza- Ewan v2 SK 1-E(hair)
Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ REBEL ~ Dark Brown V
Eyes: poetic color eyes by LL - night rain - medium
Tattoo: ** KANIVAL TATTOO ** - 79. Tribal Half
Vest: [Sweetest Good-Bye*] OK GO - Wine + Black (Men) /vest
Pants: :sey 7B-CargoPants-mocha
Shoes: [GOS] Desert Boots – Leather Black
Necklace: - .HoD. - Fallen v2 Necklace (Male)
Bracelet: - .HoD. - Fallen v2 Bracelet (Male)
Pose: Posies - M9-12

Joey Hui

Thursday, October 14, 2010

[doll.]™ Julia Pose Collection

I haven't made a group gift for ages!
Here is the latest - a complete pose collection!

[doll.]™ Julia Pose collection

There are 10 poses in this [doll.]™ Julia Pose Collection, featuring some sexy, sultry poses! I rarely wear short hair, I had a lot of fun making this pose collection!

New members can join my group in-world: [doll.] Poses Update! and get the gift from there :D


Suri x

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Come and get the Katie poses! FULL pack for only $60L this weekend!

[doll.] Katie Pose Collection

[doll.]™ Katie Pose Collection, FULL pack, $60L

Suri x

Monday, September 27, 2010

[doll.]™ ZombiePopcorn!

Hey girls! Just a very quick update for you! New pose collection - 12 pose in this [doll.]™ Lucy Pose Collection!!

It is EXCLUSIVE for my satellite store @
ZombiePopcorn Sim!

Lucy Pose Collection


Sunday, September 26, 2010

[doll.]™ Joins $60L weekend!

Come and get the Sofia poses! FULL pack for only $60L this weekend!

[doll.]™ Sofia Pose Collection

[doll.]™ Sofia Pose Collection, FULL pack, $60L

Suri x

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

[doll.]™ Fashion House September Session!

Fashion House September session is well under way!
If you haven't seen the venue, I include some pictures and my exclusive item for there! Please read on:

[doll.]™ Emma Pose Collection @ Fashion House 100L during the event
[doll.]™ Emma Pose collection

Fashion House Sept

I have set up other items for your shopping pleasure too!
Fashion House Sept

Fashion House Sept

Fashion House event ends on 15th!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

[doll.]™ Pose Update!

Time for some updates on my store!
All the new releases in this page!

I have made some new couple poses recently:

[doll.]™ Holding On...Couple Pose
[doll.] Holding On...Couple Pose

[doll.]™ Accidental...Couple Pose
[doll.] Accidental...Couple Pose

The following 2 items are really special to me; because I am contributing to Truth Hawk's Project Donate for Unicef in response to the flood in Pakistan, to read more about the project, click here!

Please give generously to help the victims! Raise hope, and help re-build their lives!


[doll.]™ Nina Pose collection - UNICEF PROJECT DONATE EXCLUSIVE
[doll.]™ Nina Pose collection - UNICEF PROJECT DONATE EXCLUSIVE


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Another hunt on the grid!
This has to be my favorite one, because...the theme is in pink!!!!

You can get my gift from this hunt:

[doll.] Scarlett Mini-Pose Collection

LMs and details coming up!
Hunt starts 30/08/2010


Friday, August 20, 2010

So What Happens When You Are In Lag?

I am sure all of SL residents are familiar with lag. We fight it on a daily basis!
Finally I am able to TP into Maitreya thank god! and do some much needed retail therapy. I roughly know where things are placed and I know exactly which color I would like to purchase, so flying to the area and clicking on the vendors to buy. THEN, this person (I think she is a person?!) IM me and says they think I am rude. Apparently I bumped into someone and did not apologise. In my defence I have not rezzed fully, but apologised when I did see the person who were standing next to me at the time. Anyway this bitch fest did not stop while she keeps provoking me, what can a nice girl do in this situation? How can you talk sense into someone who is so obsessed with her pixelated self?!

Bardot Ethaniel: you were extremely rude
Suri Christen: excuse me?
Bardot Ethaniel: you flew into ___ and did not say excuse me
Suri Christen: lol
Suri Christen: u have to understand its laggy here
Suri Christen: i am still grey and cannot see anyone
Bardot Ethaniel: yes so flying is not considered proper
Suri Christen: how am i supposed to see who i ran into
Bardot Ethaniel: she's staning right next to you
Suri Christen: well thanks for the information
Suri Christen: i can't see yet
Bardot Ethaniel: then when things have not rezed it is polite to take a few steps and wait
Suri Christen: lol
Suri Christen: what is your problem
Suri Christen: i can do whatever i want
Bardot Ethaniel: I was just telling you that you were being rude
Suri Christen: i think you are being rude too, who gave u permission to IM me

Suri Christen: hey ____, apparently i ran into you. much apologies. this person is telling me off for being rude. I am rezzing, so apologies for that.
___: no worries
Bardot Ethaniel: that's a good girl
___: it's the lag, thank you
Suri Christen: exactly
Suri Christen: cheers for understanding
Suri Christen: i was not being rude as bossy over there is pointing out.
Bardot Ethaniel: [16:25] Suri Christen: i think you are being rude too, who gave u permission to IM me
Bardot Ethaniel: now go fuck yourself Suri
Suri Christen: and stop camming me
Suri Christen: ditto
Bardot Ethaniel: now that's what I call being rude bitch
___: Drama at Maitreya
Suri Christen: i never swore at you
Suri Christen: you did it
Suri Christen: lol ______
Bardot Ethaniel: piss off loser
Suri Christen: see?
Suri Christen: i am not going anywhere
Suri Christen: i am shopping
___: instead of pulling it
Suri Christen: well, wasn't my intention for her to swear
___: and let's be friends
Bardot Ethaniel: and put some clothes on or is your "store" doing so bad you can't afford any?
Suri Christen: i just wanna shop, sheesh
Suri Christen: whatever, B

By the way, she was dressed from head to toes in primmy clothing and shoes, dressing down seemed to be the appropriate option for me. Insulting my character and my business is not welcoming at all; I put this on the blog to remind myself what happens when one thinks she owns the world aand try to control everyone around it.

Freak show? She really was.

Monday, August 16, 2010

[doll.]™ Pose Update!

NEW release!
I have not released a new pose set for some time now, I present to you the "Alexandra" pose set! Sassy poses as usual, always posey and great for showing off those already long and sexy legs! Come to try it out!

[doll.] Alexandra Pose Collection
(Click here to view large)

TP to
[doll.]™ Mainstore!


[doll.]™ ZombiePopCorn!

ZombiePopcorn hunt commences on 15th August, here's my hunt prize:

[doll.]™ Tess Pose Collection (8 poses):
Tess pose Collection

A bunch of sassy poses, orginally made for personal photo taking, but it's fun to complete the set! You will find this at my store at the ZombiePopcorn Sim, $0L!

Watch this space for more information!


[doll.]™ For The Platinum Hunt!

The Platinum Hunt starts @ 8th August and runs until 31st August.
Number of designers: 100; all hunt items cost max. $10L per play!

I am participating in this exciting event! Here's my item: a mini pose collection of 5 poses inspired by my SL sis Celestine. She is a dynamic gal and I am seeing a cheeky side of her of late, always buzzing around, never a moment standing still LOL but ALWAYS ready for a picture! These 5 poses have cute poses, camera ready poses, all fun to use! Get this for $10L in the platinum hunt:

[doll.]™ Celestia Mini-Pose Collection
(Click here to view large)

Hold on til 8th August!

[doll.]™ Poses Mainstore


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Of Love 2010 ENDS TOMMORROW

The Summer of Love 2010 will close its door tommorrow 8th August!
There are tons of designers taking part this time round, with exclusive, brand new items that are only available at this location during the fair!
Make sure you get everything you want before it closes the doors.

I am so happy to be asked to take part again, here's the items available from me, ALL discounted during the fair:

[doll.]™ Chloe Pose Collection
(Click here to view large)

[doll.] WELCOME HOME, DARLING Couple Pose
(Click here to view large)

[doll.]™ Love Notes II
(Click here to view large)

All items will be sold at a discounted price, after the fair you can buy it at my store but will be at normal price!
TP To The Summer of Love 2010 Fair

Suri, xoxo

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pro Poser Hunt #2

Pro Posers Invite 2010
Pro Poser Hunt is ON!
For my store, the hunt gifts this time will be:


[S.LOVES] NEVE poster
(Click here to view large)

Dark Angel Kills
(Click here to view large)


(Click here to view large)

TP to
[doll.]™ Poses Mainstore! to start hunting!

Pro Poser blog
Suri, xoxo

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

[Love Notes.]


Coming to you THIS WEEKEND!

Subscribers gets a sneak preview with a free one!
You can get one at my mainstore by touching the subscribo!

TP to [doll.]™ Poses Mainstore!

Suri, xoxo

Saturday, June 12, 2010

[doll.]™ Joins $60L weekend!

For a full list of participants, come in-world and grab a list from my subscribo! Or you can check the Official Picasa Gallery for a full list of pictures of $60L this weekend.

[doll.] Ana Pose Collection

My sale item this week will be the "Ana" Pose Collection; this pose set has a total of 11 poses inside. Pose ball is included for you with wall poses loaded inside (just rez and pose!)

TP to
[doll.]™ Poses Mainstore!

Suri, xoxo

[doll.]™ Pose Update!

[doll.]™ Kailani (Celebration for Hawaii) Mini-Set was made with my sl sis in mind. She is originally from Hawaii and is the most fun-loving girl I've met! For more than 2 years she stayed as my sl sis, she is my best friend!

[doll.] Kailani (Celebration for Hawaii) Mini-Set

Hawaii always makes me think of hula dances, people smiling and dancing to their traditional folk dances! I am intrigued by their costumes and the traditions behind it'. This mini-set consists of 5 poses, all mimicking what would have been a hula dance movement, it's fun for photos on the beach etc, come to try them out!

TP to
[doll.]™ Poses Mainstore!

Suri, xoxo

[doll.]™ For Black & Blue Fair

B L A C K & B L U E F A I R
Fashion for Mental Health Awareness

:: T H E F A S H I O N ::
This June, a selection of your favourite designers will be presenting us with brand new items at the Black and Blue Fair. These items will be available at the fair and nowhere else (at least 'til it's over). Clothing, skins, hair, poses, accessories and more... we've got you covered.

I am very honored to be participating in this event! All the products sold for this event are exclusives, they will be available to buy in this event at the Black & Blue Fair location ONLY. Afterwards you will be able to find them in designers' stores.

I have 4 couple poses up for this event.
Each will be sold for $60L until the end of the fair, then it will go back to $150L for a couple pose; see pictures below!

[doll.]™ Jailbirds Couple Pose

[doll.]™ He's My Man Couple Pose

[doll.]™ Dancing Couple Pose

[doll.]™ Catch Me, Amore Couple Pose

Try demos @ Black & Blue Fair Venue!

Suri, xoxo

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bitch much?

[20:30] Dxxxxxxx Carolina:
How about telling WHAT skirt... WHAT hair... WHAT shoes in addition to the poses... fucking blogger... 'oooo... look at ME....'
[20:31] Dxxxxxxx Carolina: or not
[20:31] Dxxxxxxx Carolina: *chuckle*

bitch much, Dxxxxxxx?


Here's this week's $60L item from my store, a pose set of 11 poses (with 2 similar variations) called "Katie". This set has 2 wall poses with it and I attached a poseball with these 2 poses set inside! Just press PgUP or PgDWN to switch the poses. Rez it against a wall and off you go!

[doll.]™ Katie Pose Collection, $60L only this weekend!

[doll.] Katie Pose Collection

Have a great weekend!

Suri, xoxo

Thursday, May 13, 2010

[doll.]™ Tattooes!!

I got bored, made a few tatts, you can find them all at the TP to [doll.]™ Mainstore to see them all!

1.[doll.]™ Tattoo! I Want My Vampire!
[doll.]™ Tattoo!! I want my vampire

2.[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Beneath This Skin
[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Beneath the skin

3.[doll.]™ Tattoo! Every day is mine
[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Every day is mine

4.[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Lic.o.rice
[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Lic.o.rice

5.[doll.]™ P.S. I Love You
[doll.]™ Tattoo!! P.S. I Love You

6.[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Tell Me, and I am Yours
[doll.]™ Tattoo!! Tell Me, and I am Yours

And....lastly, a subscribe-o-matic group gift! You will receive this is you are part of my group already, if not, you can buy this for $1L.

Dreams come true GROUP GIFT

TP to [doll.]™ Poses Mainstore!

Suri, xoxo