Monday, October 25, 2010

[LOTD.] #13
New item from Aoharu, the new leather blouson with demin shirt. It is available in 6 colors and each of them have 2 way of wearing, only the blouson, or with the demin shirt inside. The detail of the sculpt part makes it a must have item for me, you will see clearly even the knot of the little leather strap on the zipper.

Matching the jacket, I choose to use an old pair of jeans from Grasp. Now I usually would prefer pants and shorts with prim cuffs, but then again, this is an old item so I am not complaining much. The belt is from sey which comes with texture changing script for both the belt and the logo strap. There are also other logos available at the store beside of ROCK as you see in this picture.

And that strap around my neck is a gift from Studio 4D, a dance animation store. I particularly like this item because the photo on the membership card actually is a script which takes the picture from your profile making it personal for each one who wears it.

Style Card:Body:
Skin: -Belleza- Ewan v2 SK 0-E(hair)
Hair: [Uncleweb Studio.7R] Aj-Hair size-L Meteoric
Eyes: poetic color eyes by LL - night rain - medium
Blouson with demin Shirt: AOHARU_LeatherBlouson_withDungareeShirt_Red
Tee: [name pending] Feather Tee
Jeans: +grasp+ Jeans Checked/Blue
Shoes: [Gos] Desert Boots – TartanRed
Necklace: STUDIO4D Member's card (strap)mens

Pose: Diesel Works Pandian 10

Joey Hui

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