Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dunkin' Donut! Yum Yum~~

I have made this early this week but it's out in time for this week's 60L Sundays (and Saturdays too!). This 6 texture changing donut (just touch frosting to change texture).

This fabulous soft doughy donut comes equipped with 12 poses inside, you can sit to activate the menu, and click on the dough (bottom part) to change your poses!

For this weekend only, it will be yours for a mere $60L. After that it will go back to $350L!

Check out the pictures below:

[doll.] Dunkin' Donut

[doll.] Dunkin Donuts $60L

If you fancy playing some hula with my donuts, you can do that with a variety of different donut sizes. This all comes with chocolate frosting, and is strategically placed around your waist (no pants nessessary) and on your arms and head too. A Cheeky kiss for the camera when you pose! This is the dollarbie that goes with my donut pose collection:

[doll.] Donut Hula!

[doll.] Donut Hula, $1L

Don't forget you can still get my bed of roses made before, 2 poses with it with sculpty roses to pose with!

[DOLL.] Valentine Beauty POSTERS

[doll.] Valentine Beauty

Have a great weekeknd!

Suri, xoxo

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hi guys, I just did some modifications on my Calia Italia Contemporary Sofa. There is a new texture to it now and is avaliable in a crimson red leather! Poses inside still the same! But if you would like an upgrade, please send me a notecard in-world along with the date and transaction number, and I will gladly send this new copy for you :)

This item is currently out at Le Cirque as part of the Help Haiti program. I have already participated a similar event before and I hope you will donate to help the victims further! Loads of designers have donated their creation, it's worth checking out!

The 'Calia Italia'

The 'Calia Italia'

This updated Calia Italia sofa is also avaliable at my [doll.] mainstore.
Don't forget to send me a notecard if you wish to upgrade!

Suri, xoxo

Saturday, February 20, 2010

NEW Release!

I am really pleased that I am able to finish my new creation in time for the weekend, as I will be busy working in rl and won't have time to get creative until early next week!

This time I give you another pose collection, this time with props! YES, I have worked on some poses along with a recliner chair. This one has a funky zebra leather texture to it and are great for modelling shoes with! Check out my pics below:

[doll.] The Capri Reclining Chair

[doll.] The Capri Reclining Chair

[doll.] The 'Capri' Reclining Chair
Come to the mainstore to try them out!

And, this week's 60L Sundays (now Saturdays too!!) Promotional sale item will be my lovely 'Calia Italia' Contemporary Sofa; it has been a sucess thus far. Anyone who hasn't tried my poses can take this home with them for $60L (this weekend only!!)

Built-in with 12 poses, they are great to pose for photos, or just for fun!
Avaliable near the store entrance :)

Calia Italia vendor

[doll.] Calia Italia Contemporary Sofa $60L (this weekend only!!)

60L Sundays

Hope you have a great weekend!

Suri, xoxo

Sunday, February 14, 2010

St. Valentine's Day!

Can you believe it's the weekend already? I recently participated in 60L Sundays (now extended to Saturdays too!!) I am involved this week as well :)

Here's this week's special priced items, go get them before the weekend's over!


[doll.] (formerly S.LOVES) - Faeries, $60L

And I have made something special in time for Valentine's day!
Check the pictures below:

[doll.] (formerly S.LOVES) - St. Valentine (Celebration For Lovers), $60L

[doll.] St. Valentine Vendor Poster

[doll.] St. Valentine 1

[doll.] St. Valentine 4

[doll.] St. Valentine 5

[doll.] St. Valentine 2

[doll.] St. Valentine 3

And if you like the bed of hundreds of roses, there is another you can buy with 2 single poses built in; best stripped of ALL clothing and pose with these lovely sculpty flowers to cover your delicate areas! :P

[doll.] Valentine Beauty, $1L dollarbie special

[DOLL.] Valentine Beauty POSTERS

[DOLL.] Valentine Beauty POSTERS

TP to [doll.] and try all these!!

The items in this post are ALL upstairs! Feel free to go there and try the demo before buying...Happy Valentine's Day!

Suri, xoxo

Saturday, February 6, 2010

60L Weekend

60L Sundays is an event where participating stores put one or more items for 60L to buy! Due to popularity, the sale event extends all weekend! I am pleased to be accepted into the group! For this week's 60L weekend, I have marked my "Tiffany" pose collection to 60L! Those of you who don't have it, maybe it's time for you to check it out!

Created to honor my friend, Tiffany ;P

Tiffany 1

TP to [doll.] mainstore to try them out!

[doll.] Tiffany pose collection (fatpack) $60L this weekend only!

Suri, xoxo

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pose Update - SELENE

As promised, I have completed the new pose collection. Ladies & gentlemen, I give you SELENE!

This pose collection is a beautiful one, I've had much fun making it wearing one of my favorite SL lables - Milk Motion :D

SELENE Pose collection is $75L for fatpack for the next few days :D
[doll.] SELENE Pose collection

And of course the $1L dollarbie **Limited time only**
[doll.] Selene 07 dollarbie

[doll.] Selene 02

TP to [doll.] mainstore to try these poses! $75L Fatpack **Limited time only**

Have a great day!

Suri, xoxo