Friday, April 16, 2010

[doll.]™ Poses Update

As we come closer to the end of Pose Fair 2010, Katey has announced we helped raise over 850K for the Motivation charity!

A very big thank you to the collective effort of creators and buyers alike!

Katey wants to retain Shisei (the location of PF2010) as a mall for us animation & pose creators and I think it's a great idea! Now I will have an extra location XD

Katie Pose Collection:
[doll.] Katie Pose Collection


[doll.] Katie 10 DOLLARBIE

Ana Pose Collection:

[doll.] Ana Pose Collection


[doll.] Ana 01

Other pics taken using Ana poses:

[doll.] Ana 05

[doll.] Ana 04

I am involved in the ZombiePopcorn hunt as well!
hunt gift is my beloved Pet Horse Toby:

Zombie PopCorn hunt

Come and grab it while you can!
Full details & starting location at ZombiePopcorn HQ:

TP to [doll.]™ Poses Mainstore
TP to [doll.]™ Pose Fair 2010 Location

Suri, xoxo