Wednesday, June 30, 2010

[Love Notes.]


Coming to you THIS WEEKEND!

Subscribers gets a sneak preview with a free one!
You can get one at my mainstore by touching the subscribo!

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Suri, xoxo

Saturday, June 12, 2010

[doll.]™ Joins $60L weekend!

For a full list of participants, come in-world and grab a list from my subscribo! Or you can check the Official Picasa Gallery for a full list of pictures of $60L this weekend.

[doll.] Ana Pose Collection

My sale item this week will be the "Ana" Pose Collection; this pose set has a total of 11 poses inside. Pose ball is included for you with wall poses loaded inside (just rez and pose!)

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Suri, xoxo

[doll.]™ Pose Update!

[doll.]™ Kailani (Celebration for Hawaii) Mini-Set was made with my sl sis in mind. She is originally from Hawaii and is the most fun-loving girl I've met! For more than 2 years she stayed as my sl sis, she is my best friend!

[doll.] Kailani (Celebration for Hawaii) Mini-Set

Hawaii always makes me think of hula dances, people smiling and dancing to their traditional folk dances! I am intrigued by their costumes and the traditions behind it'. This mini-set consists of 5 poses, all mimicking what would have been a hula dance movement, it's fun for photos on the beach etc, come to try them out!

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Suri, xoxo

[doll.]™ For Black & Blue Fair

B L A C K & B L U E F A I R
Fashion for Mental Health Awareness

:: T H E F A S H I O N ::
This June, a selection of your favourite designers will be presenting us with brand new items at the Black and Blue Fair. These items will be available at the fair and nowhere else (at least 'til it's over). Clothing, skins, hair, poses, accessories and more... we've got you covered.

I am very honored to be participating in this event! All the products sold for this event are exclusives, they will be available to buy in this event at the Black & Blue Fair location ONLY. Afterwards you will be able to find them in designers' stores.

I have 4 couple poses up for this event.
Each will be sold for $60L until the end of the fair, then it will go back to $150L for a couple pose; see pictures below!

[doll.]™ Jailbirds Couple Pose

[doll.]™ He's My Man Couple Pose

[doll.]™ Dancing Couple Pose

[doll.]™ Catch Me, Amore Couple Pose

Try demos @ Black & Blue Fair Venue!

Suri, xoxo